An Excellent True Story

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This was a fulfilling memoir that really was a beautiful story of two women who came together by chance and built a unique friendship centered around their two bull terriers. I didn't know who Martha or Carol were before picking up this book so I wasn't as invested as others when I started and although I really liked the book, I still don't feel like I know Martha all that much. I got to know Stephen, Carol and the dogs very well, on an intimate level almost, but Martha still remains a little bit of a mystery. Not to say she wasn't totally open and honest, but this book was for Carol, and as a reader, it was evident that was Martha's goal... To tell Carol's story. She did a great job, I was feeling so much throughout this read... Joy and laughter, sadness and longing, back to feeling happy and warmed by the stories and then tears again. This was a roller coaster of a memoir of friendship (human and canine), love and loss (human and canine), faith and lack thereof (humans only, I think), life and death, and all that one must not take for granted. All with the backdrop of a lovely-sounding New York. Martha's writing is wonderful and honest, her storytelling was raw and true to life, which I loved. This book is much more than expected, dog lovers... Read it! Non fiction buffs... Read it! Looking for a heartwarming and heartbreaking story... Read it! I really enjoyed the read and I think you will too

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