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This book has so many elements that make me think it is bound to keep me reading all the way to the end. First there seems to be the overcoming life challenge element. I’m a fan of the desire to deal with hard things. Im an even bigger fan when the overcoming a hard time deals with a romance in nyc.

The selling point for me this is the dogs and the cover though. I am an animal lover and whenever a story can be shared about rescuing both the animal and the person, I’m in. I love the phrase- who rescued who and this book suits the mold,

When I read it had When Harry Met Sally vibes, that made me nostalgic as that is certainly a movie that I enjoy! I think that based on what I’ve read so far seems like a good description for the book and was glad it is being marketed that way. Hopefully that will help it appeal to others who enjoyed that movie as much as I do. Definitely need to check this one out!