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A beautiful story, short and sweet

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I love dogs. I grew up around dogs and have always had at least one. Because of my longtime love of dogs, I tend to avoid any stories written about them, true or fictional (I was burned by Marley and Me at a young age and haven’t recovered).
But I loved the premise of When Harry Met Minnie. It’s sad to think of what will happen to our pets when we pass, but this story promised friendship and love in addition to that inevitable loss. I loved reading about Carol’s life, and the friendship that developed between her and Martha as they set their dogs up for various dates. I loved reading about Harry and Minnie’s individual quirks and lasting relationship. Though this was a bit of a tearjerker at times (any story that includes loss gets me going), it was still, overall, a very sweet story about love, friendship, and how people and friendships (and animals) can touch your life.