Where's the trigger warning?(!)

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First of all. Lets talk about content warnings. I opened this book up and got a very unpleasant surprise. There's a suicide on the fifth page. Why did no one warn for that? I'm so glad I got this sneak peak because I had pre-ordered the book--something I will be doing with much more care from here on out.

This book seems very heart-wrenching, even after the death of his mother, Jack seems to not want to get help for himself or his little brother, Matty. The writing also seems a little choppy, it doesn't flow well.

Jack, as a character seems deeply troubled, unless I misread, he didn't even call the authorities when his mother was found hanging from the ceiling fan? That seems a bit suspicious.

Matty on the other hand, who appears to be Jack's kid brother, seems like a good kid from a troubled home who needs some guidance.

Overall I did not enjoy this, and I hope that content warnings are added to the book.