This is so heartbreakingly

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I was not prepared for this book. This book from the first chapter had me in tears and I feel like my heart stayed broken the entire time. It’s so hard to describe this story without spoiling it but just know the writing is fantastic, Jack, Matty and Ava will capture your hearts. I loved them and the relationship they formed with each other. However the story is really dark and it stays dark for most of the book. There are a lot of triggers that I’m sure someone else who reviewed this story will tell you, take their word because the story does not warm you up. If you can’t handle suicide or parental abuse this may not be your book. This book as soon as it starts, It is a go and while it is emotionally hard to read it at times, I threw it done a couple times, man it is a good story. The ending left me going “huh” but it seems to leave it open for a sequel which I will be reading with tissues ready.