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What Beauty There Is is a stunning debut! I thoroughly enjoyed the way this book was written, though it took me a moment to realize that each chapter started with the thoughts of one character before going into the perspective of another. It wasn't super jarring for me but I can see it being so for others. The author has some beautiful lines (especially the italicized parts at the beginning of each chapter) that were very reminiscent of authors like John Green and Jeff Zentner.
My biggest pitfall with the book was the ending. The ending wrapped up very quickly and almost unbelievably so. I expected a big fallout - and with the events that took place in the book, there should have been - but instead, it's relatively quiet and wrapped up too neatly. I have no qualms with happy endings, but I like when they're justified, and this felt unwarranted. Despite that, I enjoyed the journey and following the two brothers as they tried to find safety.

TW: suicide, physical assault, kidnapping