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The format of this book was so confusing, I was never really sure what character I was reading, or if we were in the present time or reading a past perspective. I also don't get why the chapters went from up then back down. The characters were pretty one-sided, and honestly, they made me mad. Jack was just obsessed with staying away from the cops, even though they would be the ones who could really help him, and he did nothing wrong. This book reminded me of The Road; there was no reason for them to have this crazy survival story. This whole story could have been avoided if Jack had just called the police after their mother died. There were so many bad decisions made that didn't need to be made.
The love story plot was really cheesy and didn't work for me. I would have preferred them to just be friends.
Matty acted WAY younger than his age, and honestly, he felt like he was a pet dog or a prop just being drug around.

TW: suicide, drug abuse, drug ring, murder, child neglect.