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This book was really, really good. And I'm not just saying that because I read it while I had COVID and had nothing better to do. It was honestly really good. I liked that the story focused on kids, and not teens that looked and acted like adults. You could tell that all of the main characters were not mature yet and had no idea how the world really worked. That being said, I loved them with all of my heart, especially Jack. He had such a big heart, and was really there for his brother through everything. You can definitely tell he was written by a woman. I think Ava deserves some credit too. She was raised by her dad and had to break free of his influence all on her own. She did so with grace and style, and I loved her scenes with Jack. I think romance can be written really well without including fifty intense makeout scenes, and this is exactly an example of that. I think they belonged together completely, and yet they didn't do anything inherently sexual. This was a fantastic read and I enjoyed myself thoroughly.