Beautifully horrific

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The first time I saw this book it immediately caught my attention. It was as most people say beautiful but also gives the reader a peek into
what your are about to read. A beautifully yet horrific story that will pull you in right from the cover. From the cover to the end it draws you in and spits you out and you are left with a heart wrenching, streaking story. I loved it entirely.

Cory Anderson wrote an fantastic debut novel and I will definitely pick up anything else if theirs.

Jack has to be the caretaker for himself and his brother. He has a choice to make and it isn’t an easy one. Meanwhile Ava comes into the picture and her father creates a path in which she crosses with Jack which changes all of the lives. A brother and a daughter must decide their fates as well as others.

A good cold wintry read. I soaked up every last page with a warm tea and a blanket to wrap around my soul.