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I'm a big fan of true crime and loved the author's podcast, Paper Ghosts. I was really excited to win this book and read it immediately upon receiving.
A very good read, though I felt the first half of the book jumped around oddly, rather disjointed. I know you have to go back and forth in a time line with a story like this but some of it was just too much or seemed kind of random. It had a better flow later into the book, the story line seemed to fall into place for a smoother read. The story itself is crazy, disturbing, and very sad story. Some of the parts felt repetitive, but I understand the focus on two of the people and documenting their relationship. Maybe because that relationship was exhausting going over it a lot seemed exhausting to some degree. However you have to paint the picture to understand the people involved and how you get from point A to the end. Overall a good read!