Fast-Paced True Crime

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We Thought We Knew You has been described as a nonfiction thriller and I would say that's an accurate depiction. The book follows the senseless murder of Mary Conley and the investigation into her death. The story of Mary and Bill Conley's marriage and life is interwoven with the events of Mary's death and what happened afterward. We also learn about other people in Mary's life who become suspects in her death. Mainly her son Adam and his girlfriend Katie. Adam and Katie's tumultuous relationship is explored throughout these pages.

I could not believe parts of it were real they seemed so outrageous. From some of the things a certain suspect did to the way some of Mary's family members acted out, it proves that truth is stranger than fiction.

The writer, M. William Phelps, is an investigative journalist and that is evident from the information provided in the book and the way it's written. The short chapters kept me turning the pages and I flew through this book. A lot of the book covers the police investigation into Mary's murder, which I liked reading about. The book is well-written and well-researched. I enjoyed the epilogue in which Phelps talked about who he contacted for the book and their responses and also made sure Mary was the main focus.

If you enjoy true crime and want a fast-paced read about a case you may have not heard of, I recommend this book.