Definitely An Interesting Read

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The case of Mary Yoder was one that I had never heard of prior to reading this book so I was very excited to get to know the story of the Yoders murder and how it involved the son's ex-girlfriend, Kaitlyn Conley. There is an undeniable depth to this fascinating story that allowed me to continue reading and I can definitely say that this book is worth the read!

The way that the author decides to tell this story is exceptionally smart and leaves you questioning certain clues that they leave in the pages of the book. While this is a novel of nonfiction and true-crime, it is written almost like a fiction crime triller. With this being said, the author still pays tribute to the victim and their family while not glorifying the murder. This, to me, feels like a very important detail of the story and should be highlighted as a way to show the authors compassion and writing abilities.