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A true crime thriller

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An interesting true crime thriller, M. William Phelps is able to recount the mysterious death of Mary Yoder and the subsequent investigation and trial that follows.

A well-liked, active, energetic 60 year old woman who owns a chiropractic business with her husband suddenly turns ill and quickly dies. Everyone is left completely shocked as this was nothing anyone could have ever imagined. With an extra push from her M.D. daughter, Mary's death is looked into a little more. Much to the shock of everyone, it turns out that Mary had been poisoned by a lesser known chemical. Now is where the story line picked up pace in its true crime fashion. Who did it? Who would want Mary dead? How can they prove it without a doubt? M. William Phelps did a great job presenting well researched facts, as well as a generous amount of details for all parties involved especially during the interrogations and subsequent trials.