A New View Of Crime Storytelling

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The narrative of the small town mystery is one that has been told time and time again. Someone dies, a suspicious trail leads to the unthinkable ideal that some one was murdered and eventually the crime is solved. What stands about M Williams Phelps’s narrative of the mystery of Mary Yoder’s untimely death is ultimately the way this time tell story was written along with the ability to understand the inner narrative of the people involved in this case. From start to finish, this is not just about a case where a young girl decided to commit a crime, it is an intricate discovery of what truthfully drives a person to act the way they may. Another aspect of this story that I enjoyed was learning about the victim in this case along with everyone who cared about her life. There is a deep dive into each person who was affected by the death in this story and that makes this book even more enjoyable. I enjoyed the simple writing of this book because all the information that was explained was not confused with another. The way as a reader I understood the ins and outs of this crime after I closed the book is what will make me recommend this mystery over and over again.