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Wow, what a powerful book!

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We Are The Ashes, We Are The Fire is truly a powerful book that makes you feel every emotion. You feel burning rage, sadness, heart ache, and you want justice for what happened.

The main character Em's sister got raped and the rapist got off with no jail time. The judge didn't want this one thing to ruin the boys life. Em is burning with anger because she can't believe that the boy who raped her sister gets to walk free. She wants justice.

This book is kind of like a story within a story. It's told in verse and in prose. I really loved the alternating timelines. The only thing that had me confused was the beginning. I didn't really understand what I was reading right off as you just get thrown right into both prose and verse. After I figured it out and got immersed in the book I really loved it. I loved how this was also historical fiction as we learn about Marguerite Bressiuex who lived in the 15th century and got revenge on rapists.

I lowkey did not like the main character as much as I wanted to. Em made me angry sometimes and I just didn't connect with her as much as I wanted to. Other than that I loved how powerful this book was, it was a tough book to read because time and time again we see rapists get off with a slap on the wrist. We need justice and while this book made me angry, I felt so deeply about what was happening. I think the author did an outstanding job writing about such an important topic and using different writing techniques and putting in historical aspects.