Important story of ripple effects of violence

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After reading the sample of "We are the Ashes, We are the Fire," I was a bit hesitant. I felt uneasy about where the story might be going considering topics like who has the right to tell a victim's story to the public.

I am happy to say that the book turned away from where I thought it was headed and turned out to be, instead, a story about indirect survivors of violence. The morales family members all deal with Nor's rape differently. Of course, we get more from Em than anyone else--Em, who abandons journalistic writing and turns instead to a creative retelling of a historical figure as an outlet for expressing and processing her feelings.

I like that this isn't just a story about surviving. It's also a story about claimed families--about the people we choose and who choose us. When reading YA books, I always consider whether they are something I would be comfortable recommending to teens. This book undoubtedly is something that teens should read. I think there are a lot of good messages for teens in this story.