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Deals beautifully with a sensitive subject

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I'll start out by saying that parts of this book are hard to read due to the subject matter...the story very much revolves around rape and its aftermath. If this is a trigger subject for you, please be forewarned.

With that out of the way....I found the book very impressive. It centers on Em, a teenaged girl who supports and defends her older sister during her rape trial and afterwards. I though the author did an amazing job of showing the various ways in which both rape and the related trial affect both the victim and her family. There was also a lot about the justice system, and how it sometimes doesn't actually find justice during sentencing.

Em was a very realistic character. I truly thought her actions and statements rang true for a young woman her age. While I didn't agree with everything she said and did, I found it all true to character.

A unique aspect of this book comes as Em learns more about the true historical figure of Marguerite de Bressieux, a 15th-century French noblewoman. This woman became a knight and avenged victims of rape during a time when society did nothing to help. I was intrigued to read about Marguerite, and would love to learn more about her.

I really enjoyed this book, and got a lot out of it. I was also pleased to discover Joy McCullough, a new-to-me author.