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Ashes and Fire Review

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This intense novel portrays the rage on the relentless topic of rape. The author’s style of writing will ignite fury about the justice system. This book will leave you identifying with the victim’s family needing closure. In this book, the court system is broken and justice needs to be served. This book had me on the edge of my seat and wondering if the issue would be resolved in the end. It made me more aware of the broken legal system and it was admirable how much the sister worked so hard to make sure her sister would get the closure she needed. This book is about sexual violence and the many steps it takes for the healing process to begin. The author writes captivating descriptions of the characters and finds a way for the reader to sympathize with the victim. This book will have you experiencing the events alongside the victims, as the trial is happening. What a remarkable book that caused me to raise more awareness on this sensitive issue.