Not Really Sure How I Feel Yet

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I was expecting to really love this because I *adored* McCullough's BLOOD WATER PAINT. It's one of my favorite books ever.

But...I can't really say how I feel about WE ARE THE ASHES, WE ARE THE FIRE at the moment. Right off the bat, I was conflicted about how I felt about Em's approach to feminism (esp. the bits about women in charge & politics inherently being positive, without necessarily acknowledging that their policies can be regressive & harmful) but I also don't think I've read enough to definitely cast a judgement on the story or character yet.

I definitely get the sense that there's a lot more to Em's story coming, and that she's going to change a lot in the novel and reconsider how she feels about the world. I'm definitely excited to read more, but in a lot of ways, I can't say anything definitive of whether or not I liked it without knowing the full story.