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Aaron's parents has their own bookstore and Aaron LOVES books. His brother died and his mother left due to said asteroid which also sadly caused his interest in books to slowly disappear. Now, i'm not going to say more but....

I couldn't wait to read this just by the cover, but the preview got me wanting to read even more. I was in a range of emotions the moment i started reading yet i couldn't stop. It was truly a gift to read this. The concept of this was one rather unique, i didn't see this often. There were many suspenseful events that left me up pretty much all night reading. The flow and the things i really was not expecting were just immaculate.

I do like the specific writing styles of this, it really pops up from the other authors and it makes you think "oh, this is Gayle Forman for sure!". I was overall impressed and this went over my expectations.