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Everything Gayle Forman writes is gold, and We Are Inevitable is the perfect example of why. I thought her If I Stay duology was the best, but I think I liked this book better! Could be because a bookstore plays a major role in the story and of course all readers love a good bookstore or if could be Gayle's writing just makes it so easy to get lost in the worlds she creates.

Aaron has experienced so many tough situations that lead him to believe extinction is the only possible ending to his and his father’s story. Forman tells Aaron’s story by including good friends, family and the magic of books through the eyes of a character that can no longer see the good around him. Like Forman’s other books, at the heart of this story is a traumatic incident that leads to powerful growth and emotions within her characters. As a result, the reader loving this story and rooting for the characters is inevitable. 📚