I really liked this!!

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I’m going to start off by saying: This is not a comedy. Gayle Forman starts the book with a forwrd where she calls the book a comedy, and just… no??? It’s good! But it’s not a comedy. Don’t go into this book expecting a comedy. It’s well written, hard hitting, and kind of brutal. It will break your heart, not make you laugh.
Now that we’ve got that out of the way—this book had disability rep! I didn’t know that going into it, so when we met Chad (unfortunate name choice, awesome dude) who’s wheelchair bound and partially paralyzed from a SCI, I was shocked in the best way. I am neither a wheelchair user, nor paralyzed, so I can’t speak for the accuracy of that rep specifically, but I was really impressed with the general discussions arund being disabled. I think those were done very well. There was also discussion of sex and sexuality of disabled people, which is often overlooked and an important thing to talk about.
I think Jax was also disabled, but I couldn’t tell for sure. I was confused as to whether or not they were wheelchair bound and suffered from paresis as well, or if they were just a love interest for Chad, or what.
The book was really enjoyable. It gave me very John Green vibes, so if you’re a fan of his, definitely check this one out.