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Wow! This was such a unique concept, and I loved it. Basically, the main character loves books, his parents own a bookstore. Then after the death of his brother, his mom has left and his dad is now running this bookstore, but the main character doesn't like to read anymore. Anyways their bookstore is failing terribly and the main character is struggling. He meets one of his brother's friends, who introduces him to this girl, Hannah. He's like so into her, it's like love at first sight, or more attraction, but he wants them to be inevitable. I loved this book, I don't think I explained it too well. But it was a really good book, the characters are funny, it's dark sometimes, it's light sometimes, but overall it's just a good book. Highly recommend! I am so glad I read it. This book knows what it means to love books if that makes any sense, it will if you read it. Read it!