Figuring out life

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I guess I should start this review stating that I'm not a huge fan of Young Adult books that have a male narrator. I feel that usually boy's insecurities are not that of a big deal. So I kind of started reading this book already not liking Aaron, the main character / narrator of the book. But that doesn't mean I didn't like the book. It is possible not to love a narrator and still like the story the character is put into.
Aaron owns the local bookstore with his father, but he realizes that books are like dinosaurs - they are just waiting for the asteroid to hit for the extinction. And when he realizes the debt they are in is simply just too much, he makes the decision to sell the bookstore. But then a lot of weird things start to happen and other people simply offer to help make the place better. In this journey he learns to trust people more, and also learns to move on when things don't go exactly as planned. Overall, though I was not a fan of our unreliable narrator, I actually enjoyed reading how the story unfolded.