Wasn't bad

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This book wasn't bad despite the controversy. I thought it was unique and the writing was superb. The characters stood out and the pacing was fantastic. I was impressed by how gorgeous the writing was, honestly, and took many notes of inspiration from it. The world-building was top notch and I loved the magic system.

What I didn't like:

There was a point where some things got a bit confusing, but it bounced back. The book does read more like an adult book than YA. I also didn't feel like the characters responded to the racism and violence thrown at them the way I would have expected. The queer characters weren't treated with care. Some of the characters grew unlikable by the end of the book.

This falls under the, 'I liked this book, but it has problems," category. Cool cover, great idea, but it had some problematic things that would sway a lot of readers.