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Title: We all fall down
Author: Rose Szabo
Series: The River City Duology
416 Pages
Genre: YA Dark Fantasy

Wanted to love it but no just no.

The cover was what first grabbed my attention of We Fall Down (First book in The River City Duology) by Rose Sazabo an young adult dark fantasy. I love the colors on the cover and the illustrations. The book starts off extremely slow. In We fall down it's about a town that usto thrive with magic but now it's fading badly. In it four queer youth were selected to play an old aged game that will revive the flow of the magic to their world. I thought I'd like it by the description of the book but it was a fail and sadly did not. Let's just say this book is not nice. Would I reccomend people to buy it? No, I would not. Save yourself the time and energy and get a different book without homophobia in it. I'm very disappointed in the book.