Unique Fairytale

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I thought We All Fall Down by Rose Szabo was a good novel. I enjoyed What Big Teeth much much more. The plot of We All Fall Down was intriguing and I liked the fantasy aspect of the story.
I do think that this novel would have been better without all of the gender reversal that happens within. I don't have a problem with how a person views their gender, but in this novel I was frequently confused as to who was supposed to be a boy or girl or other.
I would have also enjoyed more clarity on the ending. There was such a big build up and then it just ended without giving the reader any closure. I'm still left wondering if they all lived happily ever after or if the town was still cursed.
This is definitely a different type of fairy tale with some interesting magical events and unique characters. If unique is your thing and you don't mind a lot of taboo stereotypes then this is for you.