Uh Oh

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Initially, I was so excited about this book. I was anticipating it for months and was so excited to see a fresh new urban fantasy featuring members of the community. There was so much I wanted to love about this book but nothing worked for me. The story went nowhere, the Magic and premise were never explained or even concluded, there were infinite questions for every answer, and there was a LOT that was problematic or outright r@cist. I haven’t read Szabo’s previous works but after this one, I don’t plan on it. It shames me to see white members of the community write such provocatively WRONG plot points that have no saving grace. The bottom line for this book is that there is a high amount of disrespect towards trans and gender fluid people (which is ironic coming from Szabo), and a similar level of racism and profiling towards POC. Maybe I interpreted everything wrong, maybe there’s a deeper meaning I’m missing. But when a book is categorized as YA, it shouldn’t feel like I’m solving a math equation just to find a good answer.