Solid Urban Fantasy

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This was a really interesting reading experience. Whenever I was reading, I was very invested in the story and would fly through the pages. As soon as I put it down, I had no motivation to pick it up, which is why it took me so long to get through.
All in all, I think I enjoyed this a lot. The premise of this book is founded on tropes and who can fulfill them and I think despite that it in no way felt tropey or obvious. I never quite knew where the story was going or any of the motives for anything.
I really enjoyed many of the characters. I thought they were well fleshed out and interesting to follow. I do hope to see more discussion/consequences of bad behaviour in the next book, because the character didn't realize how bad her actions were despite being told so by another character. I thought the writing was good, though there were a couple choices made about breaking the fourth wall that I didn't think were executed well. I am looking forward to continuing the series, because I think Szabo has set everything up well for a satisfying conclusion.