Not for Me

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This book became a DNF. There were a lot of problems with it, wich is sad because of hiw nice the cover is and it had got a special edition made. Unfortunately, there were undertones of racism and anti-LGBTQ. The beginning was good enough, the world and characters were established pretty well and I assume most questions that I had would've been answered had I not quit 60 percent through. The story was there, but the execution was lacking. This author does have controversy surrounding her last book with the exact same problems. I don't really have an interest in supporting an author who has no desire to change or improve. I did like the magic system, as it was unique and different from other books I had read before. I don't intend to ever pick this book up again or recommend it. This author and story has earned the one star I felt I needed to give and unless there is clear improvement I won't be picking anything else up by them.