Not Endorsing

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I was so excited to read this book because of the gorgeous cover and the queer representation but I have been struggling to get through it. I read about 50 pages and the beginning was kind of weird but I had hope for the rest of the book. On the writing style, I didn’t like it that much. It served its purpose but the style along with the multiple POVs didn’t make the book enjoyable. Despite that, the main reason this book is one star is that I learned that this book has really racist and homophobic writing, especially towards the BIPOC community. I will be DNF-ing immediately, and I don’t recommend this book to anyone. The author allows the white fragility of the main characters to go without repercussions, fails to address the police brutality depicted in the book, and demeans the Black characters reactions in the book. I would recommend reading the top review in goodreads for more information, it addresses all the issues with the book and is very insightful.