If you searching something interesting this book is definitely for you!

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I love the cover of the book. That's the first thing that made me pay attention to the book. Then I read that the author was inspired to write and finish the story after a real story with a friend of hers, which was the second thing that made me start it. I hadn't read anything of hers before, and I didn't even know she existed until I got the book in one of my monthly book boxes. But now for the story itself.. - I liked the story. It's different from what I've read so far and it's definitely a big plus. The characters were well developed, the story was well described. I liked these notes of YA dark fantasy very much. However, I want you to pay great attention to the fact that the story is very different from what we are used to so far on the market! If you are looking for an interesting, different and exciting reading I definitely recommend it to you!!..