Extremely problematic

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Please read the Goodreads reviews before purchasing this book. It contains themes of white women inflicting harm on gay men and overt bigotry, including pinning a crime on an innocent Black man in the South and then making that man the villain because he seeks revenge for the harm inflicted on him. The author’s previous book contained similar themes. This has been spoken on by many creators of color, especially since this was chosen as an Illumicrate box book recently. The book also reinforces harmful ideas about gender and trans people. Overall, there is a clear reason that this book has a 2.48 rating on Goodreads, and the bad writing style isn’t by far the worst of it. I highly recommend skipping this book entirely and, instead, spending your time and money on work that lifts up marginalized voices, rather than inflicting harm on several marginalized communities. Do not recommend. Sadly, a wasted beautiful cover.