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When I read the summary and saw the book cover I was so excited. I couldn't wait to read and enjoy that promising read that the book looked to give. The reason for why I dnf'ed the book was becuase there were negative issues of which affected the BIPOC community excruciatingly bad, those details being; racism, homophobia, police brutality, white fragility, discrediting the black characters in the book, ect.

The writing style was easy to follow, but the context of the book had made me easily stop in my tracks. The characters could have easily been written well and without all the problematic and oppressive issues.

The cover art is gorgeous and I loved the diversity of it, but alas, I'll can't be ignorant and my reasons up above, stay firm as to reasons of my strong; dissatisfaction, disappointment, disapproval, of this book. I do not recommend.

For more details, you can go to goodreads and read the BIPOC reviews that were left on there, because they were the ones who were the most negatively affected by how this book was written.