Dark Fantasy Duology

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We All Fall Down by Rose Szabo was a read that I was really looking forward to and I was excited at the opportunity to read it. I wanted to like this one, but there were a handful of bits that were problematic for me and severely influenced how I felt about the piece as a whole. There definitely should have been trigger warnings at the front, if nothing else.

I had concern about how gender, race, and sexual orientation were used as tropes. After reading, I sought out other reviews to seek out any additional context and if there may have been something that I missed. I wanted to try to better understand, but I found that many other reviewers felt similarly.

The book begins with a good start in general, but I did not get as pulled into the story. While I loved that the book did have diverse characters, how they were portrayed were not my favorite.

I may give this one another read at a later time to see if I feel similarly then, but unfortunately this one was a miss for me.

However, the cover is gorgeous and was definitely one of the components that drew me in.