Dark and dazzling

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In the eccentric River City, anything and everything could happen, and this is where Rose Szabo adeptly incorporates their exotic imagination and creativity into this dark fantasy world of WE ALL FALL DOWN.
With the hidden force of destiny, four young queer people, each possesses some unique talent and potential, are brought together to the River City to restore the magic power that’s been fading over the years and re-establish the law and order of River City.
Are they able to conquer the unforeseen and unpredictable challenges and obstacles along the path and achieve their goals? The readers will only find out in the sequel of The River City Duology!
Loved the eye-catching graphic of the book cover that illustrates the fantastic four who are going to save the River City!
I would like to thank BookishFirst and Farrar Straus Giroux/Macmillan Publishing for this dazzling ARC.