Confusing yet interesting, but also uncomfortable

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I have 2 disclaimers to make.
This book confused the heck out of me, especially at the beginning.
Also, I never received my copy so I am doing my review based on the copy I was able to get my hand on, which was an audiobook. This means that some of the things that I did not quite get or understand stayed that way for me regardless of completion of this book.

With that out of the way, I really did enjoy this book. I liked the mix of modern times and modern technology with magic and more ancient ways of being. It was a mix that I have never read or experienced before. I think that I have gathered that Jesse was/is trans and is a person of color, specifically black. From outside research, I have gathered that a common and huge plot point in this book is common in Szabo's writing and that makes me uncomfortable.
I am white as can be so I cannot speak on the discomfort and wrongness I felt with the push on the violence towards persons of color. I can say that there was quite a bit of discomfort with the idea of a group of white women inflicting violence against gay men, especially with how it was written in this and What Big Teeth. It just seemed pushed and I can say that I will not be reading What Big Teeth after my reading of this book and my outside research.