Book One of a duology

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I loved the characters that Rose Szabo put into their story. They did a wonderful job of weaving these characters identities and journeys to said identities into the plot. You aren’t 100% of anyone’s motivations or who you should be rooting for. I enjoyed that! There wasn’t a clear cut “This person is amazing”. They all had flaws and they all had actions that could be seen as good or bad.

The plot was good, it just definitely rings of a two part story. The beginning and ending were the best parts, with the middle largely being set up to the overarching plot. It felt like I was “putting in the time” for the world building and set up, and that it will pay off in the second book. Considering that the story focuses on four characters, that Rose had to make us care about, the book did a pretty good job, but fell a little flat without the second book to finish it out. It was a good read, and I did emotionally connect to all of the characters! It was great to see so much representation as a non-binary person myself! I look forward to the second book.