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Well, I'm not really too sure what to think here.....This is definitely something that is not in my wheelhouse, so my initial instinct was to pass. However the blurb really grabbed me and I thought of Charles de Lint's Newford series which is also not in my wheelhouse, but I've become obsessed with it. So then I thought about giving it a try. Then I saw the Goodreads reviews on this one and they're......Not.Good. Some of these reviews seem unfairly critical (just because something we doesn't like happens in a book doesn't make the book's reflective of the world we live in and bad stuff like this happens every day - ignoring it doesn't change that), but some of them address the writing style which is concerning to me. I think in the end, I'll leave it up to the BookishFirst gods to determine if this one should end up in my lap or not!