Watch Her- Hester Thursby Mystery #3

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Hester Thursby Mystery #3 excerpt pulls you right in as a regular whodunnit story. This book looks like twists and turns to the very end, the best kind of psychological mystery that keeps you guessing! I just love educational based books that offer some history on the surroundings along with the secrets and lies that create an air of suspense. This looks like a great mystery and Hester Thursby fans will not be disappointed.
Overall I really enjoyed this slow burn excerpt. Hester has been a unique heroine and her circle of friends are all well drawn and add tremendously to the story. While Hester is still a dedicated researcher, she is less likely to put herself in harms way as a result of her previous experience. I like this change and the bits of lightness that are also part of this book. Having read the first two books in the series, I recommend reading them as there's some previous information that transitions into this #3 book. You'll be missing two great reads, though, if you skip the first two.