Truly Astonishing!

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Speechless! I truly have no words to describe how the ending made me feel. Although I have to admit that the beginning was a little bit slow and kind of irritating, once I knew the climax, I couldn't keep the book down! This book shows how a mother's love is unconditional and no matter the circumstances, they will protect their children and the ones they love. Jennifer was an incredible mastermind by trying to shape others' memory with little clues such as the Adam Bede book and the fact that she wanted Tucker to find the girl. All in order to protect Vanessa and blame herself.
From romance to thriller, this book had a little bit of everything in it. I loved how every character had its secrets and the different points of view allowed us to see how they assembled their thoughts to solve the problems ahead.
I loved how the theme of forgiveness was strongly embedded to show how important it is to let go in order to find happiness. My takeaway from this book is to love unconditionally and forgive the ones that truly love you and want the best for you.