Slow Build

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I hadn't read any of this authors series or, anything by this author going in. I wasn't sure what to expect. Sometimes thrillers and mysteries are predictable. So I was wary. Not the case here. It's a slow burn starting at the beginning when Hester Thirby and another guest (who happens to be a detective) are called away from the gala that they're attending. Hester is a smart protagonist. She's unique to say the least. The rest of the cast of characters (her friends, etc.) are also good support. Diverse and realistic. As you're reading you are wondering what exactly this rich family from Boston trying to hide and how far they will go to keep it hidden. If you are a fan of secrets and a main character that is great at research and solving crime, give it a read. You might find yourself wondering about Hester as well as the mystery she's trying to solve. I'm going to go back and read the first and second novels in this series