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Angela White and her friend, Hester Thursby attends a prestigious gala at the Prescott University to celebrate the new lavish campus. During the gala, they are called to the house of the college's owners, Tucker and Jennifer Matson, because there was a break in. Jennifer claims that someone broke into their home. As Angela and Hester investigate, they realize that Jennifer might be lying about the break in. However, they are still curious why Jennifer would lie about the incident.

Hester is asked by Maxine, the general manager of the college, to locate some missing alumni. As Hester begins to dig into the project she notices a strange pattern between the students. The case becomes more urgent when one of the missing student turns up dead. As Hester and Angela delve deeper into the case, they unearth decade old secrets that someone wants to stay buried.

This was my first book of the series. I felt like readers could read this book as a standalone but, I felt like I was missing some nuances between the characters. I thought the book moved at a very slow pace for my liking. Most of the action happened in the last 75 pages and the first few hundred pages was just filler. I am not entirely sure the plot is completely believable either. I had a hard time liking any of the characters and didn't get some of the side stories between Hester and her partner, Morgan. That whole relationship was confusing for me and I am guessing its because I didn't read the first two books. This book would be a good read for fans of the series or people who like cozy mystery reads.