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The parts of this book that reveal some of the shady dealings with for profit educational institutions were interesting to me, especially since I am an educator (at non-profit educational institution). However, other than that I found myself to not be really interested in the plot of the book. There were too many backstories for me that didn't really seem to be necessary to moving the plot forward. I think that they were included to help provide depth for some of the characters, but that didn't really work for me either. I found myself often wondering why a particular detail was included. Another thing that I didn't really enjoy was the use of so many different narrators to tell the story. I did appreciate, that unlike some authors who use this technique, the narrator of each chapter was clearly identified so I wasn't left wondering who was telling the story at a particular point. However, it was too much switching of perspective for me to really enjoy it. I found myself finishing the book more out of a feeling of obligation than a desire to know how it turned out.