Good, Solid Mystery

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This was a great, fun read!

This book revolves around several people. First up is Maxine who works with a blind loyalty to the rich Matson family. They are the name behind Prescott University and have MORE than their share of secrets, secrets that for some reason, Maxine is more than happy to keep under wraps.

But like all things in the dark, secrets always come to light, even if they are decades old. Working on these secrets are Angela, a police sergeant and Hester, a librarian who has a knack for uncovering things. She helps Angela with her investigation regarding the Matsons and their son in law, Gavin. People around them are being murdered and time is running out.

I was happy to find out this was a series. I hadn't heard of it before, but I will be going back to the first two and looking forward to the fourth! It's hard for me to find books where I am interested in the characters lately. This covered it all for me. Good characters, interesting story and good mystery. Thank you to Bookish First for the copy.