tedious and boring

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It amazes me that i was even able to finish this monster of a book. It was 576 pages too long. Hardly anything happens but still the "plot" drags on and on endlessly, for ever and ever and a day.
Reading this was extremely tiresome, but it wasn't outright bad and i guess that's why i persisted. I didn't hate it enough to ditch it, but at the same time, I just didn't care. I guess it would be better to have hated it just to feel something towards this waste of paper. I hate to be mean to a book but this was just plain forgettable and inconsecuential.
I guess the writing was okay (again, not terrible but not remarkable either), but the characters were one dimensional, boring, and flat.
The only thing that this book did well was portray the effects that traveling between completely different enviroments and culturas for a prolonged time can have on a person. So that's cool, I guess.