Sad and inspiring

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Admittedly, I did not even know about the Cambodian genocide prior to reading this book. That being said, I am much more informed of the atrocities the Cambodian people were put through, often at the hands of their own people.

Under the Naga Tail, follows the author's escape from the genocide. His harrowing and often deadly journey and difficult decision making. How does one know what the right thing to do is? How does one conjure up the will to keep going and survive in the deadliest of situations? Would I have that kind of fight in me, if put in the same situation? These are all questions I thought to myself while reading. At the end the answer is, I pray I never need to answer these questions.

This story is both horrifying and inspiring. Mae's story is an important one and one that needs to be read. I highly recommend it if you are looking for a story of survival in the most difficult of times, or if you are just looking to become more educated on an often not discussed piece of history.