Gripping Memoir

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This book was a hard book to read. I don’t mean it was poorly written but the subject matter was hard to absorb because what happened to the author and so many others was brutal and inhumane. I will admit I didn’t know much about the Cambodian genocide that happened in the 1970’s before reading this book and this glimpse at one person’s experience was sickening, but I am glad to be better informed. I love that this memoir was written by the survivor with his son’s help. So much of the book was around family and supporting loved ones even when you had nothing yourself so for the father and son duo to tackle this massive project together was fitting. I’m not surprised it took a long time to write because there is so much pain and trauma inside these pages. An inspiringly honest glimpse at the worst horrors the author has faced. Mae’s struggles to survive and escape were inspiring. Definitely a book to read, but be prepared for the emotional kick.