Deeply moving

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Under the Naga Tale is a very engaging and deeply moving story. Mae came from a very successful family that owned a grocery store and also a ranch outside of town. They lived in Cambodia near the Thai border. The family had little warning that the Khmer Rouge would defeat the government and begin murdering their fellow Cambodians, mostly doctors, teachers, the educated and wealthy. Mae’s family was of Chinese descent, which made their situation even more dire. Mae and his son were able to convey the horror that Mae and his family survived. The brutal, inhumane treatment they suffered from both the Khmer Rouge and Thai soldiers was difficult to understand. Surprisingly, their saviors were the Vietnamese soldiers who liberated Cambodia from the Communists. This book is definitely a must-read for people who enjoy nonfiction and are interested in southeast Asia. I hope the authors will write a sequel describing Mae’s new life as an immigrant to the US.