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So, news flash, Dean Koontz can write and write amazing! The whispering room is not the normal scary genre book. This book is psychologically scary. Much like the Manchurian Candidate, The Whispering Room is about mind control and using people as weapons of mass destruction, but somebody knows. Jane Hawk is an FBI agent who has an idea something is terribly, terribly wrong. People she knows and is close with have been dying after getting to close to something, something Jane Hawk is getting close too, that's why she's been framed and being hunted by the FBI. Jane risks it all by contacting a newspaper reporter she believes to be, yes I'm going to say it, good at heart. Someone who will look at the facts and not believe the masses. Someone in the bleak and dastardly realm of news reporting is more shepherd than sheep. Getting the news out, finding the truth, staying alive. All goals of Jane Hawk, all improbable, not impossible.